Park and Bench Jam Master Cat Scratcher


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Park & Bench’s line of fun and funky cat scratchers allow your cat to be a cat and allow you to rest easy knowing your furniture is safe and your cat is happy. Cat lovers and music lovers unite! Park & Bench’s Jam Master Cat Scratcher brings the beats of the street to your home. Made with natural, non-toxic materials like corrugated cardboard and designed to keep your cat entertained, this cat scratcher goes well in the homes of hip-hop lovers, urbanites, and all kitty lovers with an ear for music.

  • Let Your Cat Get Down – The Park & Bench Jam Master Cat Scratcher can help your cat stay funky-fresh by providing an outlet for his many needs. As a hunter, your kitty instinctively sharpens his claws. As an acrobatic animal, he needs a way to stretch his muscles. Steering your cat toward a designated scratching place will help him meet these needs.
  • Not Your Average Cat House – Made with the strongest materials and designed to look sharp — regardless of what room it is in — the Jam Master Cat Scratcher outperforms and outshines other scratcher-house combos available on the market.
  • Safe For Kitty – Your cat is going to be spending a lot of time with this scratcher, which means safety is important! Natural cardboard is dyed with non-toxic dyes, which means any shreds of the cat hut which may or may not end up in your cat’s mouth are safe to be there.
  • Durable & Transportable – Designed to be lightweight enough to take it traveling but durable enough to take a beating, the Jam Master Scratcher shows up for you and your cat.
  • Easy Construction -Pack up your toolkit, you won’t need it. The cat scratcher is ready to use out the box. Once it’s out of the package, it will be minimal time until your cat is snuggling into it.