WoodWick Mini Hourglass Candle, Fireside



Create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere with WoodWick Mini Hourglass Candles with Pluswick Innovation. These mini scented candles conjure up the soothing sounds of a glowing fireplace with exclusive wood wicks that crackle as they burn. The candle’s flared hourglass design provides a wide opening for the wax pool, helping ensure a more consistent fragrance experience. Made of a high-quality blend of paraffin and soy waxes, these scented candles burn cleanly for approximately 20 hours without leaving behind any messy residue. They come in a wide variety of highly concentrated, luxurious fragrances.

  • •Cozy and rustic – the scent of a warm, crackling wood fire
  • •Crackling Pluswick Innovation wood wicks create a cozy atmosphere
  • •Premium paraffin and soy wax blend for a clean burn
  • •Distinctive hourglass shape complements any décor
  • •Burn Time: 20 hours